Fashion Dance Group

Fashion Dance Group is a creative space for dancers and people that in love with dance.
    Our company was established in 2013 and began its activities with the individual tailoring of competitive dance costumes. All this time we did not stand still, studied new technologies, attracted the best specialists to our team, were engaged in the selection of high-quality materials. And today we have something to be proud of. In our costumes dance more than a thousand professional dancers around the world.
    It was your grateful feedback about our work that inspired us to create our own line of training clothes. Our task is to enable dancers to look perfect both in competitions and in the training room. In 2016 was released the first line of Fashion Dance training clothes. From that moment on, we took upon ourselves double responsibility for your dance image!
     Each of our collection of training clothes has a special history associated with professional dancers. We listen to each of you, take into account your features and wishes. It is you who can become part of our team and contribute to our new collection. Send your suggestions and wishes to our hotline.